My name is Erica Kay Manzella and I’m a half Sicilian chick who lives in Birmingham, AL. I’ve had anxiety just about my whole life and struggled pretty bad with depression issues. I worked really hard to over come these flaws and I’m a completely new me.

I’m a fitness, animal, and life lover. I would love to help you overcome fears by stepping out of your comfort zones and shooting for the stars.

This blog will be about fitness and lifestyle. I will focus on workouts good for weight-loss, muscle building, and balance. I plan on making posts about meals, meal plans, and other nutritional facts. I will post videos, pictures, and will make sure to explain things step by step.

The goal for this blog is to help change lives and to help those meet your fitness goals. Whether you’re starting a fitness journey to help boost confidence, lose weight, or even start a hobby, I hope this blog could benefit for you.

Now, what are you waiting for??? Let’s do this thing!

Workout pic